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Krämer + Grebe Kutter SM 65 T2M

65 Liter KRAEMER + GREBE bowl cutter

SM 65 T2M

65 liter KRAMER + GREBE stainless steel bowl cutter
model: SM 65 T2M
type: 265
machine-no.: 195
Baujahr: 1985
CE mark: no
2 knife speeds (1500 + 3000 rpm)
main motor: 13 / 16 kW
Fusing: 63 amps
2 mixing speeds (forward)
2 bowl speeds
Push button control
built in switch box
3 digital displays (speed mode/temperature/bowl rotation)
Kunststoff-Lärmschutzdeckel NEU
65 Liter Edelstahl Schüssel
variable cutting space in the knifecover
new knife head for 6 knives
6 new knives type: standard ZACK
surface + bowl: stainless steel
machine was upgraded with intrusion protection + protective flap
completely overhauled
on stock
Delivery time: immediately

DUEKER REX 30 liter bowl cutter

DÜKER REX - Fleischereimaschinen
RK 30

30 liter DUEKER REX bowl cutter
type: RK 30H
2 speeds
2 bowl speeds
year of construction: 1996
new noise reduction cover
knifehead with 3 knives
surface + bowl: stainless steel
knife cover: aluminum
completely overhauled

325 Liter CFS Vakuum-Kochkutter

CMV 325 V

325 liter CFS / GEA vacuum cooking bowl cutter
type: CMV 325V
Year of construction: 1999
infinitely variable blade speeds
infinitely variable mixing speeds
2 bowl speeds
hydraulic knife cover lifting
hydraulic vacuum cover lifting
hydraulic ejector
hydraulic loading for 200 liter trolleys
built in liquid ring vacuumpump
cooking installation
incl. additional DC mainmotor, good contition incl. additional control unit, switchboard, used good condition
used, checked, good working condition


80 liter DMS - bowl cutter

DMS - Maschinensysteme
DMK 80 C2

80 liter DMS bowl cutter
type: DMK 80 C2
main motor: 15/18 kW
fuse: 50 Ampere
2 knife speeds
1500 + 3000 min-1
2 bowl speeds
6 knife head
knife shaft brake
Thermometer (analog)
Noise protection cover with switch-of
Year of construction: 2016
used, excellent condition
delivery time: on request

325 liter KRÄMER+GREBE cutter

SM 325 STL

325 liter KRÄMER + GREBE cutter
Model: SM 325 STL
Machine no.: 173 – 362
Year of construction: 1992
infinitely variable blade speeds (programmable)
infinitely variable mixing speeds (programmable)
2 bowl speeds
Controller "Programmer S"
Main motor (115 kW - DC)
hydraulic loading for 200 liter Vemag cutter wagons
Knife head with 6 knives
hydraulic ejector
hydraulic noise protection cover lifting
hydraulic knife cover lifting
separate stainless steel control cabinet
Machine surface: stainless steel
Bowl: stainless steel
Current condition: used as returned by the customer


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